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If you are a retreat leader looking for a turn-key retreat program where you can:

– experience tropical beauty sprinkled with a huge helping of aloha
– enjoy working with professionals who understand retreats
– eliminate planning hassles with a customizable program

Then you’ve found the perfect solution for your next retreat!

Nestled in the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountains, on the windward side of O’ahu, Hawaii Retreat Experiences provides you with a uniquely Hawaiian-style experience that is sure to make your retreat a resounding success!

You’ll love how easy we make it to have an effective, memorable retreat with a minimal amount of hassle on your part – all you have to do is get here!

Hawaii has an International Airport so you can get here from just about anywhere. Even though Hawaii is the most unique of all the 50 states, if you’re coming from a country outside the United States, Hawaii is as easy to enter as any other state, especially from the Pacific region or Asia.

If you’re in the United States, traveling to Hawaii eliminates many of the problems you might encounter taking your tribe to a foreign country including passports, visas, food and water issues, and many other problems you might encounter traveling outside the U.S.

The Basic Program

When you let Hawaii Retreat Experiences help you manifest your perfect retreat you can count on having an incredible event! We offer a basic program that includes comfortable lodging, delicious meals, and an invaluable concierge service. Additional services can then be tailored to fit the needs of your tribe and enhance your message.


An integral component of a Hawaii Retreat Experience is the feeling of ohana…of family…that you will feel living, learning, and laughing in a lovely communal environment.

Our newly constructed, comfortable facility has 4 bedrooms and two spacious bathrooms. It easily sleeps 8, two to a room, but can accommodate up to 12 with the addition of a twin bed to each room. The large main room is bathed in light from the floor to ceiling windows that give you a stunning view of the beautiful lani and rain forest that surrounds the back yard.

The retreat center is equipped with an audio/visual system that you are welcome to use for presentations or entertainment (we have Netflix!) and there is complimentary WiFi. There is also a small kitchen that you are welcome to use, but with the quality of meals you’ll enjoy the last thing you’ll need is a kitchen!

And, if you have a larger group, there are several neighborhood places that will be happy to accommodate the overflow.

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Delicious cuisine is a must for any memorable retreat experience! Our gourmet chef lovingly prepares three Mediterranean style meals per day that your tribe will be raving about long after the retreat ends.

Breakfasts are served with wonderfully light and healthy fare like Vegetable Fritta, Fresh Island-grown Fruit Salad or Chia Pudding Cups with Berry Compote. Plus there’s plenty of aromatic coffee, teas, and freshly baked breads.

For lunch enjoy such wonderful dishes as Yellow Chicken Curry with Vegetables, Cold Soba Salad with Cucumber and Tofu (with a homemade Cayenne and Lemon Dressing), or Mediterranean Sandwiches that simply ooze with deliciousness.

Dinners include delicacies like Balsamic and Dijon Marinated Salmon, Steamed Fresh Fish Chinese Style with a Tamarind and Ginger reduction, or Cuban Style Black Beans with Cucumber Creme.

Your taste buds will be screaming Hallelujah! just anticipating the next meal! Plus, our chef is incredibly good at accommodating everyone’s dietary needs, so no one needs to fret about whether there will be anything there they can eat if they have allergies, are vegetarian/vegan, or eat gluten-free.

Delectable Deserts

After dinner you can adjourn to the fire pit to enjoy a lovely evening around the campfire. And nothing tops off a great meal better than a fun and delicious desert. Start your evening off with some of our campfire favorites!

Have you ever had Grilled Fresh Pineapple served with a couple of big scoops of locally made Haupia (Coconut) Ice Cream? OMG…it’s to die for!

We’ll bring out all the fixin’s so you can build your own Gourmet S’mores made with Ghirardelli Chocolates…nothing brings back childhood memories (or creates new ones!) better than S’mores!

Have a great time making Campfire Pies – we’ll show you how to prepare your own using Hawaiian Sweet Bread and filled with fresh Mango, Pineapple, or a variety of other fruit fillings (we’ve even made them with S’more fillings!). Cooked in the campfire, these treats are little packages of sheer, tasty, delight!

Concierge Service

One of the most invaluable services we provide during your stay is a full-time concierge whose job it is to keep things running smoothly for the duration of your retreat experience.

Our concierge liaisons with our chef and painstakingly prepares and removes each meal so you can focus on your mission. Breakfasts and lunches are set-up buffet style but dinners are an event unto themselves with different, unique table presentations each night; we can even create dining environments that enhance your teaching message or relate to the activity you enjoyed.

Let us know what you need for your teaching environment and our concierge will transform the main room to accommodate those needs. The main room can easily hold up to 25 people, so even if you have more participants than are staying with you there will be plenty of room.

Your entire tribe will feel nurtured and welcomed by our concierge, who is our #1 secret ingredient in creating a true sense of ohana… family!

Give your retreat some real Hawaiian punch!

Now comes the really exciting part! You’ll have a great event with just the basic program, but your retreat will become even more memorable and effective by customizing it to create a truly Hawaiian-style experience.

Educational research shows that adults learn better when the environment is unique, fun, and stimulating. Providing an environment that is specifically designed to work with your message and to create indelible memories not only enhances your teaching but makes it infinitely more powerful and valuable!

Our goal is to knock the socks off your tribe! We will help you tailor some incredible Hawaiian-style experiences that give you plenty of unique, exciting material to market your retreat with. If you have a specific request, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll do the best we can to provide it.

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The Hawaiian Way

Kahu (“pastor”) Loko’olu Quintero of The Hawai’i Church of Hawai’i Nei, dedicates his life to the perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian ceremonies. He is deeply committed to strengthening and empowering Hawaiian Spirituality through traditional ceremonies, rituals, and protocols.

Kahu Loko’olu performs traditional Hawaiian blessings and ceremonies that give you the rare opportunity to add a powerful cultural and spiritual component to your retreat.

Open your retreat with a Welina, a ceremony accompanied by oli (chanting) and pule (prayers) that will touch you deeply and which radiates aloha. Or include an ‘Awa Ceremony, a sacred ceremony that rejuvenates as one lets go of any negativity that would get in the way of learning or strengthens ones personal commitment to the teachings that are at the very heart of your retreat.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a beautiful way to start your day in paradise. A variety of yoga modalities are available, from relaxing to invigorating. Take a short stroll to the ocean and experience an hour of feeling your body come alive with the sound of the ocean in your ears and the gentle touch of the trade winds on your skin.

Or stay at the retreat center and utilize the large open space of the main room or on the cool grass in the back yard. Evening candlelight sessions are also available.

Perhaps you would like to include some guided mediation. The cabana is a wonderful place to sit in meditation at any time of day. Spend the morning in quiet contemplation, the sound of birds filling the air; or end your day with an inspirational candlelight session to prepare you for a great night’s sleep.

The Energy of Huna

If you’re interested in Energy work, this might be of particular interest to your tribe. Huna is the contemporary name of a collection of practices that have their roots in both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian cultures.

One aspect of Huna involves the use of visual and named symbols that are linked to a particular and specific aspect of Universal Energy. These aspects have their origins in Hawaiian history, legends, and creation concepts.

Our Huna Guide will introduce you to these concepts beginning with a Pi’kai, a ceremony conducted in the ocean as dawn breaks that will help you release any limiting doubts or negative beliefs, and prepare you for what you are about to learn during your retreat. After that, she will teach you about the symbols and how to use this energy as a source of empowerment in your personal and professional lives and relationships.

Thrilling Activities

Coordinating your activities to enhance your teaching will make the impact of your message much stronger. When you add the wide variety of spectacular and exciting things to do here into the formula we’re talking impact of magnanimous proportions!

There are adventure activities in majestic Ka’a’awa Valley where you can overcome fears by zip-lining back and forth across the valley, or get in touch with the spirit of animals by horseback riding though stunning forests and passed panoramic vistas. Nearby are incredible trails to hike, from novice to more experienced. And the ocean! There are surf lessons to take, scuba diving to try, sailing, and snorkeling with the dolphin adventures to have.

Learn to appreciate the culture by gathering, preparing, and learning to weave with lauhala leaves, a staple building material that ancient Hawaiians used as flooring, wall coverings, and sails for their sailing canoes. Or take a tour of sacred Hawaiian places where you the energy is almost palpable.

Whatever the theme of your retreat, we can coordinate activities – from exciting adventures to spa treatments to field trips – that will not only be fun but can work with your teachings too. Or, if you just wanna have fun we can do that, too.

Local Style Entertainment

Sit back and be entertained by a few of our friends who will come and share their aloha with you. Nothing’s more fun than hearing spooky ghost stories around a campfire, and our professional Storyteller loves nothing better than to give you “chickenskin” with his stories about Hawaiian ghosts that go bump in the night!

No trip to Hawaii is complete without seeing the ancient and beautiful art of Hula. You’ll even have the chance to participate yourself as our dancer teaches your tribe one of our most favorite hulas that you’ll be able to do for your friends and family when you return home.

Hawaiian music is rooted in a blend of cultures both ancient and modern. Sit back and be serenaded with sounds that will make you go from “ahhhh…..,” to wanting to get up and dance!

Watch a fabulous professional stage production just 30 minutes away at the Polynesian Cultural Center that tells stories of ancient Hawaii and its legends with song, hula, fire dancers, and special effects that will absolutely amaze you!

The number of things we can come up with is limited only by the amount of time you’ll be with us! Of course, you’re always more than welcome to spend a quiet evening at the Retreat Center playing games, watching Netflix movies, or just sitting out around the campfire, under the stars, talking story amongst yourselves.

Create your experience!

So now that you know a little bit about us, we’d love to know more about you and how we can help you create a Hawaiian-style experience that will absolutely knock the socks off your tribe!

We’d love to assist you in tailoring our services to best accommodate your needs.

If you would be so kind to complete this application and answer a few basic questions we will be happy to provide you with a quote for the basic program. Additional services will be quoted after we have had a chance to discuss your retreat needs in detail.

Hawaii Retreat Experiences promises to provide you with an experience that will surround you with the beauty of our Island Home, embrace you with aloha, treat your retreat with the utmost professionalism, and make your experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

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